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I can’t rave about Leslie White and her team enough! We booked her for our wedding in Columbus, Indiana and were so pleased! Unfortunately, I live out of town and was unable to do a trial with her so she walked me through the makeup on the day of step-by-step to make sure I was happy with everything, which I so appreciated! She really listened to what I wanted and was open to photo examples. Not only is she very skilled, but also just fun to be around. On your wedding day, you want to make sure the vendors you surround yourself are positive, friendly and fun and we hit the jackpot with her! If you’re in the Columbus or Indy area, you’d be missing out if you don’t book Leslie!

~Kacey B.  2016 Bride


This was the easiest vendor choice I made! Leslie is extremely talented, professional, and kind. She listened to my preferences and improved upon my ideas. I still have no idea how she made me look like I had 3 times as much hair as I actually do! Leslie’s assistant was also stellar. I wanted to get ready in a drama-free, feels-like-home, kind of place on my wedding day (ie not a salon). Leslie fit right in with my friends and family.

~Lauren H. 2016 Bride


After seeing Leslie’s work in pictures of friends and colleagues, I knew she was the right person for me. I was nervous going into my trial because of bad experiences with other make-up artists. However, the trial appointment was a wonderful experience, and she color-matched me perfectly. I wanted understated elegance, and Leslie nailed it. In addition, I wanted a vintage-like hairstyle, and again, it was perfect. My make-up looked great throughout the entire outdoor (July, hot, humid, etc.) wedding, and my hair didn’t move. Besides her hair/make-up talents, she is fun to work with and kept me relaxed. She even offered me a glass of wine! You can’t go wrong with Leslie!

~Katie B. 2015 Bride


Leslie did an amazing job with my hair and makeup on my wedding day! I could not have been happier with the way everything turned out. The makeup was perfect–natural but still enough to show up in the photos. She also did the hair for several other women in my party, and EVERYONE loved what she did. My mom practically cried when Leslie did her makeup, saying she had never felt so beautiful before! I wish I lived in-state so I could hire Leslie every time I need a makeup application. I would recommend Leslie to any Indiana bride!!!

~Caitlin M. 2015 Bride


I had my makeup done for a friends wedding by Leslie, and immediately after getting it done I asked her to do my wedding party as well! She is so talented and easy to work with. I was so happy I found her before my wedding day! I felt so beautiful on my big day, and couldn’t have been happier with her work!

~Chalais R. 2015 Bride


Leslie did my hair and makeup for my wedding as well as hair for all 5 of my bridesmaids. The wedding was outdoors in the middle of July and oh boy was it hot and humid!!! Besides being worried that our guests were going to melt, I was afraid that the makeup and hair was going to be ruin after just a few minutes. We had chosen to do the majority of our pictures after the ceremony and after an hour out in the heat I was thrilled to see that makeup and hair looked perfect.

Leslie was great to work with, always easy to talk to and she really grasped my vision for what I wanted everything to look like and helped to tweak things along the way. The wedding party had a great time getting ready with her and talking about all the funny wedding stories.

~Maddie K. 2014 Bride


Leslie did hair and makeup for my wedding in 2014 and was FABULOUS to work with! I wanted a very simple and clean look and she accomplished just that! She even did a trial run through with me before I officially booked her, which I so appreciated. She was great to work with, very flexible, and very accommodating for me and my girls. I would definitely recommend her! And I will be using her makeup/hair skills in the future for other events.

~ Suzanne S. 2014 Bride



Leslie did my hair and makeup and my maid of honor’s makeup for my wedding in September. She did an absolutely amazing job on both of us, and she really made my wedding day the best day of my life so far. Leslie is one of the most talented people I have ever met, and she pays so much attention to detail! I have a skin condition similar to psoriasis behind my ears, and she made sure it was all covered with my hair and with makeup so it wasn’t visible at all — for the very first time in my life I didn’t feel like it was sticking out with its redness and peeliness. She is a great hair and makeup artist and a great person. I highly recommend her!

~ Lindsey T. 2014 Bride



Leslie was great. My trial went very well but I came in the day of my wedding with a few changes and she rolled with all of them. My hair came out looking great and lasted long after the reception ended! I was a very nervous bride and she helped calm me down and feel comfortable, which was worth its weight in gold. I would absolutely recommend her to do your hair for your big day!

~ Danielle B. 2014 Bride



Leslie did my makeup for my wedding in June. I loved the airbrush technique she used and felt it matched my skin perfectly. She did such a great job creating a natural yet glam look for my wedding day. I’m so glad I chose Leslie Hair and Makeup to be a part of my wedding and would recommend her to anyone looking to feel glamorous on their wedding day

~Sammy H. 2013 Bride



I chose Leslie to do my makeup for my wedding and I have NEVER gotten so many compliments on how great it looked. She is amazing and a true professional, extremely detailed and used state of the art equipment. The whole salon (hair dressers included) came over to watch her airbrush my face and were floored. Leslie had a wide variety of material, listened to what my expectations were, and fully exceeded them. I’m not one to say this usually, but my face looked flawless. After pictures, hot temperatures, and tears, the makeup held up extremely well, not one streak or smudge! I would recommend any and all of my friends and future brides to have Leslie do their hair or make up. She has such a talent for doing hair and makeup, and it is clearly defined in her work! She definitely knows how to please a bride!

~Kathryn 2013 Bride



When making decisions regarding my recent wedding, there was one detail I didn’t think twice about: I wanted Leslie to do my hair and make-up. I have been her client for almost three years and I have not been disappointed once; my wedding day was no exception. Leslie arrived at the church right on time, finished both my hair and make-up in a timely manner, and charged a very reasonable fee for those services. Not only did she listen to my ideas for the “look” I wanted, but she helped me create the perfect style for my special day. I will always be impressed with her punctuality, creativeness and skill and I’m sure you will be too.

-Leslie B. 2013 Bride

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Leslie and her staff made the getting ready process so relaxed and fun for our wedding day. The couple hours leading up to the wedding are very nerve-wracking for most brides, but Leslie helped put me at ease and make me feel completely camera ready! She couldn’t have been more professional and accommodating during the planning process (with trial hair runs for myself and my mom) and was such a pleasure to work with. I would recommend any bride in the Indianapolis/Columbus area book Leslie immediately!

-Annie R. 2013 Bride
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Leslie did my hair and make-up for my wedding, as well as, all by bridesmaids and mother. She really took all the stress out of the day. She came to the wedding venue prepared and ready to get to work. She did my hair and make-up perfectly. The heat index that day for my outside, July wedding was 101 degrees. My hair and make-up remained flawless throughout the night. I did not have to touch it up once! None of my bridesmaids or my mother knew what they wanted to do with their hair exactly, but that did not phase Leslie. She gave them all up-do’s that were different from each other, which was important to me. In an impromptu moment, I asked her if she minded checking on my future husband and maybe give his hair a little texture. She was more than happy to help with his hair too! Leslie was a big part of making my wedding day a breeze and I cannot recommend her enough!

-Holly G. 2012 Bride


Leslie was really great! I had a choice to do a trial run before my BIG day. She is easy to talk to and helped me with the ideas. My hair-style turned out way better than the one I was planning! I had some concern on the makeup first since I am an Japanese and she is Caucasian. I was thinking “She won’t know what to do with my Asian face!” I was wrong!!! She listened very well to my opinions on how I wanted to look and she made it very nice. One of my bridesmaid was an African American and she was thinking the same thing. But, Leslie knows what to do with any skin type! Also, we had a 10 year old as a junior bridesmaid. Leslie and her assistant worked very well with her. Absolutely loved her work. Five stars!

~Ai A.2012 Bride


Leslie White is a true professional! I hired her for both my hair and make-up for my wedding day and she did such an amazing job! She took the time before the big day to listen to my wishes and “play around” with different looks until I found one that I loved. And on my day I felt beautiful all day. I felt glamorous, but still myself. I didn’t worry if my hair was going to fall or if my makeup was out of place (and I’m someone who loves to get down on the dance floor!). I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks Leslie for making my day special!

~Sara 2011 Bride


Leslie was one of the BEST decisions I made for my wedding day. She understood what I wanted and made me look even more beautiful than I imagined I could look!! Most importantly, I felt beautiful. She did an amazing half-up, half-down hairstyle for the wedding ceremony that stayed PUT. Never lost its style. That right there is a small miracle for my head of hair. Then, for the reception, she pinned it up into another gorgeous style. I loved them both!! She was professional, yet personable and did everything in a timely manner. She’s one of the main people I brag on when I talk about my wedding day. Her skills are the kind you’d find in an elite big-city salon (even better in my opinion) and lacks the annoying snootiness.

Leslie is one investment that you won’t regret for your wedding day. You can be sure you will not only look beautiful, but you’ll feel beautiful as well.
-Vanessa Collins 2011 Bride