Nashville Indiana makeup artist, Audrey and Josh

In 2014 I worked with almost 60 brides. Looking back I have some great memories and highlights of the bridals, locations and experiences that came with meeting these brides. I have decided to start a series of 12 weddings that remind me why I love my job as much as I do. My goal is to give you an insight of my job and why it means so much to me.

Early in 2014 I was contacted by Audrey for her elopement to Josh on May 14th. Audrey was referred to me by a previous bride and friend of mine. From the get go, her personality stood out strong. She has one of those personalities that draw you in, and I felt like I made an instant friend by the time we had finished her trial.

Audrey and Josh will be the first to admit that they are huge nerds. So when it came to their wedding, they didn’t want a stuffy ceremony. They were very clear that it was to be a celebration and to showcase their personalities. They were to get married on 3-14(pi day) at 3;14pm. There were Star Wars Storm Troopers as ushers, Audrey had a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver attached to her bouquet and there was to be a light saber salute once they were wed.

Though it was a joyous occasion, there was somberness from not being able to celebrate with loved ones that had passed. This was truly a first for me to actually cry while working on location. I’m actually a tad embarrassed to admit that I cried, but who didn’t cry that day?

Looking through these images, it is very evident that this was a unique wedding. What a great way to kick off 2014.

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