why hire a professional

Brides often tell me that they know a friend of a friend or a family member that will be doing their bridal party’s hair or makeup. The friend is believed to be “pretty good” at hair or make up and they think everything will go well. In some cases everything goes without a hitch but more often than not, things don’t go as well as planned. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you, the bride, need to hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist.
  • “Natural” looks that are shown in magazines are much more labor intensive then what it alludes to. It takes training to learn where to shade, highlight, and contour a face best for your photographs as well as when you are in person greeting your guests.
  • Even if your friend does great makeup for a night going out, wedding makeup is different.  A bridal MUA and hairstylist will know what to use to make sure you are as perfect from when you walk down the aisle to when you cut the cake.
  • There is a long running belief that when you are in front of a camera you should wear more makeup. In today’s photography the details and skin are much crisper. Every bit of makeup shows and flawlessly blended makeup is very important.
  • A professional hairstylist will make sure your style will look good from all angles so that it will showcase well in pictures.
  • Your aunt may be able to make her hair look great, and maybe she’s even done yours before.  But what about all your bridesmaids? Will she know what to do with their different cuts and hair types?  A professional hair stylist has seen and worked with hundreds of different styles and types of hair, and will know how to make the best of your hair.
  • Your friend’s friend may be great, but can you count on her to be on time?  Will she be able to handle the stresses and last minute curve balls that often come with weddings? A professional is staking her pay, and more importantly, her reputation on doing everything perfect for you, and she’s trained and has the experience to handle stressful situations.
Tips when seeing your stylist/makeup artist
  • Ask the stylist for their input.
  • When you meet with your wedding stylist / makeup artist for the first time, remember that they do not know your personal tastes and style. You will need to show as well as tell what look you would like. Anything from pinterest boards, images online, or magazine tear outs will help  the stylist understand and achieve the look you are seeking
  • During your consult, wear white and ideally a neckline similar to your gown’s.
  • Bring a camera and document from all angles. If you find one particular look ask the pro to write down exactly what products and techniques were useful. Remember consultations often take place months before the wedding to allow yourself enough time to achieve the look you are seeking.
  • When you decide to hire your professional you need to decide a few things: do you want them to come to you on your wedding day or would you prefer to go their salon if they have one. Will the professional work on you and your party as well? Will they have assistance? Would you like the makeup artist to stay throughout the day for touch ups or change up for you and your party? You will need to pay the required retainer to save the date and request a contract as well as receipt. Most professionals have a formal contract detailing everything you should expect on your grand occasion. This ensures you receive everything you requisition with a professional experience.
  • Makeup for photography is different from every day makeup. Be sure your artist uses high quality, industry standard products suitable for high definition film and photography.